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Rockshire Energy I, LLC

Applying Advanced Exploration and Production Technology to Existing Oil Leases

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Rockshire Energy I, LLC 506(c) Offering Platform


Rockshire Energy I, LLC was formed for the purpose of acquiring leases with existing production, or de-risked reserves and upside potential and apply advanced exploration and production technology to improve the recovery from the leases. The Company’s targets in these prospects include improving existing production, looking for missed pay zones in existing wells, and looking for new drilling opportunities in the existing formations or new formations not exploited by a previous operator.

Rockshire Energy I uses advanced seismic and engineering techniques to recover more of the reserves from these fields. In summary, our strategy to create value will be a low risk, high return strategy that includes developing both conventional and unconventional (EOR) reserves. We will focus initially on the following Geographic areas in Texas: Andrews, Zavala, Wilbarger, and Fayette Counties.

Our focus is creating and maintaining investor wealth through local alternative investment strategies. The team’s collective abilities provide an advantage over investing individually by allowing us to quickly and efficiently address any issues. Because our managers are directly involved in the placement of investment funds, we can manage our investments more actively than large institutional investors. By investing in a company with experienced and specialized management, investors are freed from the complexities, worries, and time required for individual investment management.

Over the years, we have seen extreme market fluctuations; because of this, we are always researching market trends to develop strategies allowing us to mitigate this volatility and reduce its negative effects on our investors. This experience has also better positioned us to take advantage of opportunities presented in such times of uncertainty. This proactive approach sets Rockshire Energy I, LLC apart from our competition.

"We expect prices to remain within the $40-60/bbl band through 2019, assuming continued compliance with global production targets."

— according to Steve Wood, Moody’s managing director for oil and gas

Rockshire Energy I, LLC 506(c) Offering Platform


Rockshire Energy I, LLC’s model is to operate or engage a local operator on each project who has expertise operating efficiently in the area while the management team will maintain financial and managerial control on the project. This will be a very cost-effective model as Rockshire Energy I begins operating more properties. The Company intends to build its own operations team and assume day to day operational control of the properties post acquisition. For the near term, the management team will utilize additional senior industry consultants as needed to review and advise on our operations plans so the Company maintain the highest level of technical work on these fields to achieve optimal recoveries of both oil and gas while deploying capital efficiently. As a practical matter, our management team has over 130 years in combined experience in the exploration and production sector of the oil and gas industry. The Company’s goal is to maximize production from the leases and to increase the amount of proven reserves in the lease(s), boosting both the cash flow and the underlying value in each lease.

Acquisitions will focus on additional properties that follow the same model of unrealized potential along with some existing production, and where we can leverage a number of advanced engineering techniques such as perforating, acidizing, mutual solvent treatments, re-fracks, coiled tubing cleanouts, paraffin treatments, directional sidetracks, horizontal wells, commingling, adding gas lift, and compression to increase production. A field specific work over plan and drilling program will be developed to increase reserves and production on each project.

Proceeds will be invested into the properties to increase production and cash flow. As production is increased, the properties may be sold to satisfy the JV partner group exit strategy. The Company’s goal is to increase both the level of reserves and cash flow to allow us to acquire deals with larger upside for additional development.

In the initial stage, the Company is targeting three wells: one well in Andrews County, Texas and two wells in Zavala County, Texas. The company may substitute a well in Fayette County for one of the three initial wells. The management team anticipates these initial properties to yield an undiscounted cash flow per each project’s specific financial model. Management believes each project will maintain significant residual value after the work programs is completed and capital has been fully deployed. There is the potential that additional capital raises will be done after the successful production increases on the first properties, to allow the acquisition and development of even larger properties.

The goal of the company is to increase shareholder value long term. The focus is to build drilling inventory, reserves and cash flow and to create a sustainable enterprise.

And we know that there is so much more to come: oil is the world’s primary fuel, oil is the enabling force of globalization, and 85% of the global population lives in undeveloped nations still waiting for their chance to consume oil.

— according to

Rockshire Energy I, LLC 506(c) Offering Platform

Company Management Team

The Company is currently managed by seasoned business and sector professionals dedicated to the success of the Company and efficient execution of its planned operations

SBJ Energy Partners, LLC

SBJ Energy Partners, LLC

SBJ Energy Partners, LLC is a Texas Limited Liability Company that was formed August 11, 2008 as Seismic Data Partners, LLC. Its name was subsequently changed to SBJ Energy Partners, LLC. The company’s primary purpose is to explore, develop and produce oil and gas; its focus being in the upstream segment of the industry.

The company currently has operations (either exploration, production, or both) in West Texas, Central Texas and South Texas. The company is a licensed, insured and bonded operator in the State of Texas approved by the Texas Railroad Commission, the state oil and gas regulator. The key managers are Spencer Brown, Jr., David Werehahn and Paul Domagalski.

Spencer Brown, Jr.

Spencer Brown, Jr.


Spencer Brown, Jr. is the founder and CEO of SBJ Energy Partners, LLC. He is seasoned entrepreneur and oil and gas investor with over 30 years of experience in acquisitions, portfolio management and operations management.

Mr. Brown has served as President and/or CEO in the following corporations: SSB Oil, LLC - Oil and Gas Investments; Brown Mineral Holdings, LLC - Mineral Investments and Exploration; National Diversified Co. - Corporate Conglomerate with interests in oil and gas production; Commercial Property Management and Development and Technology Research.

Mr. Brown has been involved in Oil and Gas projects in Texas, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Illinois and Montana. He holds a BA from the University of Texas.

David Werehahn

David Werehahn


David Werehahn has a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Alberta and is a member of the Association of Professional Engineers, Geologists and Geophysicists of Alberta. He has 40 years of experience in the oil and gas industry working as a consultant and manager for major oil and gas companies.

Mr. Werehahn is an expert in economic evaluations, natural gas processing and reservoir engineering. He also has experience in primary, secondary, and tertiary recovery processes including under balance horizontal drilling techniques, water floods, CO2 enhanced recovery and in-situ recovery of oil and oil sands.

Mr. Werehahn has also served as CEO, Director, or Manager in the following corporations:

  • CEO and Director of 3 CPC’s listed on TSX venture exchange
  • CEO and Director of Hermes Energy (an independent oil and gas operating company)
  • Founder and Director of Triangle Resources - properties subsequently sold to Win Energy
  • Development of the GASMODEL System (a general economic planning and optimizing model for gas plant operations) in a joint venture with Canada Systems group (CGS) now known as ISM Canada
  • Manager of Enhanced Oil Recovery Process Development for Gulf Canada Resources
  • Manager of Production Systems and Exploration Systems for Petro Canada
Paul Domagalski

Paul Domagalski

Vice President Land Management

Paul Domagalski has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Beloit College (Beloit, Wisconsin). He also completed PLM course study from the University of Oklahoma (Norman, Oklahoma). He is a Certified Professional Landman with 34 years of experience in all facets within the oil and gas industry.

Mr. Domagalski has expertise in evaluating potential assets to meet business development objectives. He is a skilled facilitator of high-level land agreements within the oil and gas industry and is recognized for his advanced knowledge of the industry, legal processes and regulatory compliance in multiple states, including: Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, and Colorado.

Mr. Domagalski has excellent negotiation skills and business acumen with a proven record of impactful performance and team leadership. He has exceptional relationship building skills and excels in conflict resolution.

In its forecast through 2040, Exxon predicts that oil will remain the dominant fuel source, as demand for both plastics and transportation grows, mostly because of increasing incomes across Asia.
- according to

Rockshire Energy I, LLC 506(c) Offering Platform

Terms of the offering


Minimum Offering: $2,000,000

Minimum Subscription: $10,000 (10,000 Units)

The Company is offering a minimum of 2,000,000 and a maximum of 15,000,000 Membership Units at a price of $1.00 per Unit. Upon completion of the Offering between 2,000,000 and 15,000,000 Membership Units will be issued.

The Class A Membership Units sold through this Offering shall participate in distributions of net cash flow from operations on the following summarized schedule and terms and subject to the specific terms of the Operating Agreement; (i) initially, distributions of net cash flow shall be distributed to SBJ Energy Partners, LLC, the Manager, to provide for an annual four percent (4%) Management Fee, calculated based on net cash flow available for distribution and paid monthly; (ii) remaining net cash flow shall be distributed ninety percent (90%) to the Class A Members and ten percent (10%) to the Class B Member(s) until such time as the Capital Account balance for each Class A Member has been reduced to a zero balance (“Recoupment”) and; (iii) upon Recoupment, any remaining distributions of net cash flow from operations shall be distributed fifty percent (50%) to the Class A Members and fifty percent (50%) to the Class B Member(s) in perpetuity. Net distributable profit from the winding up of operational activities and subsequent liquidation of assets shall be distributed on the following schedule and terms; (i) one hundred percent (100%) of distributable proceeds from such liquidation event to the Class A Members until such time as the Capital Account balance for each Class A Member has been reduced to a zero balance (“Recoupment”) and; (ii) upon or assuming Recoupment, then any remaining distributions of proceeds from a liquidation event shall be distributed fifty percent (50%) to the Class A Members and fifty percent (50%) to the Class B Member(s).

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Rockshire Energy I, LLC 506(c) Offering Platform

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